Enhanced Services Overview

There are several Enhanced Services in the Teesside area. These tend to be services that the NHS has commissioned optometry practices to provide to the local populace. 

Current schemes


Direct Cataract Referrals


Low Vision


Intra Ocular Pressure refinement


North Yorkshire Cataract Referrals scheme


Children's Cycloplegic Service

Direct Cataract Referral

This service is now available across the whole of the Tees area.

  • Explain what cataract treatment involves and discuss options with the patient. Obtain patient’s consent to proceed with referral for surgery.
  • Check fundii under mydriasis and record results on referral form.
  • Complete cataract referral form up to and including “disabilities” section.
  • Provide the patient with the Choice Booklet and telephone number of the Choice Team, in order for the patient to discuss choice of provider and arrange booking of their hospital appointment.
  • To provide the patient with the “RNIB Cataract Booklet”.
  • Where the patient has no access to a telephone the Optometrist will contact the Choice team on behalf of the patient during the consultation.
  • Email referral form to mars.admin@nhs.net CHOICE/MARS team within 24 hours 



Intra Ocular Pressure Refinement